How to Get a Smart Guy to Like You! Here Are Some Really Good Ways to Get Him to Like You Fast

smart guy
smart guy
While relationship tips might apply generally to a large number of men, sometimes specific tips apply only to specific men and their characteristics. Typically, when someone is looking for a long tern relationship, they opt for smart people. Why? Because they tend to be more serious. If you like a smart guy, do not be intimidated. However, there are specific qualities that a smart guy looks for in a girl. To find out more about these, here are some tips and guides: Be impeccably clean Smart guys might not be that focused with looks but hygiene does matter to them, and it matters a lot! Bad hygiene will give him an impression that you are a slob. If you can’t take proper care of yourself then how would he expect you to take care of other things? Let kindness be innately you Smart guys go for the right attitude more than your looks. Being rude and giving some side comments about other people will not only prove that you are arrogant or bad, it would also show him you’re insecure. Be genuinely kind. A genuinely kind person is always irresistible. Don’t even think of trying too hard A smart guy will see right through you if you are faking it. Remember they are smart and they can read more than books – they can also read your actions. Besides, smart guys are not really hard to please, all it takes is genuineness and you’re all covered. Commit on a sensible conversation Smart guys are challenged by smart girls. Any form of challenge that can be presented to them is a welcome thing. They are, still, men and men naturally love challenges. Have a conversation wherein he can get to know you and vice versa. Communication is a very important aspect in getting to know any smart guy. Don’t concentrate on mere flirting Apart from being smart, these guys tend to be pretty decent, too. You won’t get them easily with just your touching moves. Too much touch and physical contact can really turn them away. Give him your sincerest compliments Guys have egos and smart guys are not spared. In fact they may need a bit more of ego stroking than the usual males. They like to be praised for their brains and intellect more than they could be praised for their physical attributes. Do not be a player Smart guys tend to be serious with almost all things. If they sense that you are just playing, they will turn away and never come back. They value their time and effort. So once you have shown interest, be sure to stick with him and only him.


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