How to Approach and Flirt With Women – 3 Winning Tips You Can Rely On


Do you know how to flirt with women? Have you ever witnessed the awkwardness of a guy who is clueless at flirting, trying to pick up a woman? If you can’t bear to witness such a scene, then imagine what embarrassment the woman must have felt who is being hit on. So, learn the skill of flirting with women if you desire success with them – hot and sexy women who are waiting eagerly for men with the right skills to approach them.

There are many ways to flirt with women. Here are 3 surefire tips which outrank the other methods that you must learn first. Always remember that your overriding purpose when employing these 3 tips is to engage the woman so that there is two-way communication between the two of you.

Make Her Feel She is Special in Her Own Way. Make her feel you are genuinely attracted to her as a person, not because you want to score with her to outdo your friends. She is not a prize to be won by you so that you can boast to your friends later on. Women know about this childish behavior of men and a woman will make it difficult for you if she senses that your intention is just that. Make her feel that she is unique and special in her own way and your interest in her is genuine and sincere.

Make Her Laugh – Uproariously if Possible. This is the best way to relax her and open her up. You will feel relaxed too and your creative juices will flow freely, creating a congenial atmosphere where the two of you could really open up to each other and enjoy each other’s company. Laughter will melt away any tension that can make her feel uncomfortable. When a woman feels relaxed, she becomes more open and is more willing to talk to you about many things in her life.

Be Nonchalant and yet Show Your Intense Interest in Her. You are trying your best to attract her with your efforts but don’t give the impression that you are trying very hard to get her. You will look desperate in her eyes. Lock her eyes in for a few seconds, then look away. Project an air of nonchalance, giving her room to breathe and decide for herself whether she would like to continue seeing you or not without feeling any pressure from you.


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