Boyfriend Doesn’t Call When He Says He Will – What You Should Do


Men aren’t always easy to figure out. As women, most of us are guilty of wanting to stay in close contact with the man we are dating. This means that we enjoy hearing from him via the phone, text and even email. It can be disheartening and disappointing when a man says he’ll be in touch and then he isn’t. If your boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will, there are a few things you can do that will encourage him to become more communicative.

The worst possible thing you can do when your boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will, is to point it out over and over. If a woman repeatedly points out to a man that he failed to do what he said he will, he’ll begin to feel like a failure. Men don’t want to be viewed that way by the women they love. If you’ve mentioned it once, and he still isn’t finding the time to call you when he says he will, you need to take on a new approach.

This can be a bit difficult for some women, but the best thing you can do if your boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will is to not call him. This means not calling him at all the day he said he’d call. If you still haven’t heard from him, don’t call him the next day either. You are going to be tempted to pick up the phone and dial to ensure he’s okay, but he is. He’s just forgotten to call or he’s gotten wrapped up in work or something else and you’ve been pushed to the back of his mind.

Once the man in your life realizes that it’s been some time since he heard from you, he’ll call. The way you greet him when he does call is incredibly important as well. If you start asking him questions about where he’s been and why calling you isn’t at the forefront of his mind, he’s going to think twice before calling you next time. Instead, be friendly and when he tells you he’s been busy say that you’ve got a lot going on as well. You want him to feel that you weren’t sitting by the phone waiting for his call, even if you were. Never let him know that.

If you don’t call, and he’s seriously interested in you, he will call. All you need is a little willpower to not call him yourself and some patience. If your boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will, don’t be the one to make first contact. You’ll be glad you didn’t, when he calls wondering why you haven’t tracked him down yourself.


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