Why it Sucks to Be a Good Man


Have you at any time listened to of the term “nice men finish previous?”

I know, I know . . . I consider I have an concept on what is actually heading on in your intellect ideal now, you’re probably pondering “No, that is not solely true, I you should not agree with that. Gals Appreciate wonderful men. Ladies really like males who opens doors for them, takes out seats for them and treats them like a queen. Jerks might earn their heart in the commencing, but then great fellas normally get the lady in the conclusion . . .”

Perfectly for the record . . . You’re Incorrect.

I you should not know what rock you’ve been living less than for the previous 5 decades, but this is the 21st century my pal! I do agree with you on just one position even though, girls do Enjoy awesome fellas. They enjoy them as buddies, or as ideal pals, or as significant brothers, or as cousins, and so forth. . But sadly, females would extremely Hardly ever like a good guy to be their boyfriend.

Now just before I get any violent reactions, let us speak about the time period “Awesome”. What would qualify as a pleasant man?

Right here are some illustrations:

1 A awesome dude is a man who appears to be so weak that it appears as if even Hanna Montana can conquer him up.
2. A pleasant male is a person who is needy, clingy and revoltingly insecure. He is so worried with winning a woman’s focus that he’ll do Unquestionably anything at all for her.
3. A wonderful man is a guy who’s way too damn out there ALL the time.

4. A pleasant person is a male who apologizes all the time even however he failed to even do nearly anything incorrect.

5. A awesome dude is a man who hangs onto each and every term you say and then agrees with each and every stage you make.
6. A wonderful dude is a male who is basically just Far too A great deal. He is the type of dude that would carry flowers, chocolates and a massive teddy bear on a lunch day.
Now do you know how women of all ages react to pleasant fellas who are just just far too a lot? Here is what they explain to their friends about them:

“He’s so awesome . . . but . . . I’m BORED.”


“He is so great . . . but . . . I will not assume I ought to have him.”


“He is so good . . . but . . . there is just no sparks amongst us.”

Tricky to take isn’t really it? I know, I know it hurts . . . why never you appear around here and cry it out on my shoulders sweet pea . . .

I’m assuming that you most likely received your “tremendous good men get the woman at the end” mentality from your dad and your Vietnam war veteran granddaddy. I despise to bust your bubble here bub, regretably that’s not how it functions in this day and age.

Let us choose a search at 4 of the most considerable notions you have to be informed of when it comes to attracting women of all ages:

1. The coronary heart is IRRATIONAL.

We can’t Opt for who we Drop for. I know it sucks, but that’s just the way everyday living functions so you just have to Deal with it. Attraction can just take place in an immediate without warning, you can’t seriously direct your coronary heart which direction to go and you cannot Encourage her heart to choose you possibly so really don’t even hassle seeking.

2. Beautiful girls have A great deal of selections.

Beautiful women have hundreds of selections, that’s prevalent perception appropriate? She will get strike on in clubs, in libraries, in buying centres etcetera. She also has a amount of shut buddies who are just “pretending” to be shut good friends but in actuality, are unable to definitely hold out to “get it on” with her. They faux to be the BESTFRIEND however what they seriously want is to be the BREASTFRIEND however. That is why for any gorgeous girl, each and every search, just about every excellent deed, each individual sweet word is in a person way or an additional is deemed as Desire. Perhaps not all the time, but most of the time that performs on her mind simply because almost each and every guy she’s been in call with has proven fascination at some phase.

3.The heart is ILLOGICAL. It won’t stick to any principles.

When you imagine about the notion of attraction, it only helps make absolute sense that ladies should be drawn to nice, well mannered, properly educated, straightforward gentlemen correct? But then why do so quite a few women of all ages tumble for Jerks and Bad boys? Where’s the logic in that??

You will find NO LOGIC time period.

4. Girls crave for Security and Position.

I know that this may appear unfair, however ladies are practically BY NO Indicates captivated to men of “lower standing” than them or whom they come to feel won’t be able to give them any safety. This is why specific stereotypes exists, these types of as women of all ages not liking gentlemen with no careers and no upcoming, and women of all ages not liking adult males who looks and appears like Steve Urkell. They want a Gentleman not a Girl-BOY.

Now, if I had to explain the just one large blunder that gentlemen make with females, the a single that results in the most heartache, then I would have to say that it would be . . .

Being A Wonderful Guy, AND Expecting HER TO Slide FOR YOUR “NICENESS.”

Have you at any time pursued a woman with flowers, candies, and expensive items, only to have her say “she won’t know what she needs right now” and requirements “time to consider”. . . which sooner or later led to her to seeing you as “just a buddy”?

Have you at any time met a woman and given her a wonderful compliment, only to have her look the other absent and exhibit indications of boredom?

That’s what comes about when you are too great. Base-line? Nice Guys really don’t spark off ATTRACTION.

Also significantly of a great dude is BLAND. They’re as well needy and clingy that it can be nauseating.

Now, the very first response most guys usually have when they listen to this is shock and awe for the reason that currently being wonderful is what their mommies taught them at any time due to the fact they were being a small kid. So when they listen to this disturbing piece of information they say points like “But I do not want to be a jackass” or “I like currently being a Nice dude” or “I am just trying to be MYSELF that’s all . . .”

Really don’t get worried, I sense you Dawg.

Properly this is the matter, you don’t need to have to be a “jackass” or be “mean” to women of all ages, you just want to learn how the principle of attraction will work and to Prevent getting as well damn wonderful.

Do you know what seriously draws in women?

GENTLEMEN with a hint of Negative BOY swagger.

Indeed which is appropriate, you heard me, if there is certainly a person factor that triggers the attraction switches of an interesting female, it is really the guy’s means to be a gentleman but nevertheless retain a trace of cocky and arrogance. Someone who’s not genuinely up himself, but rather, knows how to tease his way into a woman’s heart.

I even now strongly advice opening doors, lending a jacket when the woman feels chilly, walking on the outside of the curb, and pulling out chairs. You know, the common knight in shining armour things. Men barely do that any more in this working day and age, so it will make you stand out. Currently being a gentleman is a terrific high-quality to have in fact, having said that, you need to have to permit her know that you can be a “Terrible BOY” often as properly. For case in point:

You can pull out a chair for her and then say some thing like “This whole gentleman matter is a pretty scarce situation alright? So you better make the most of it even though I am even now in a “good man” zone.”

Or you can also fake to dust off her seat prior to she sits on it and then say some thing like “there you go your highness” and then flash a teasing grin afterwards.

Or you can also spit out implied compliments like “now will not go performing all large and mighty with me just simply because you’re lovable alright?”

Get it??

Most gentlemen really don’t fully grasp how a woman’s head operates, that is why they get shocked to their core any time jerks steal their females from ideal less than their extremely noses all the time.

Let me share with you some standard points about guys and girls:

Most ladies by nature enjoy the “coy” angle. They enjoy tough to get and they want gentlemen to chase them. Males on the other hand are powerful, dominant and aggressive by character. Most gentlemen are typically thought of tough and challenging, they are supposed to be Soldiers by mother nature.

But then here’s the punchline:

Most guys do not ACT like guys when they’re in the corporation of a lady that they are intrigued in. Instead, they act as well damn awesome and too damn pathetic, kinda like a Woman-BOY.

Guess what?

It’s not “scorching”, it’s not endearing and it is not fascinating AT ALL. It essentially FRUSTRATES women of all ages!


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