How to Neg a Girl Properly – Courting Tips For Guys


I bear in mind when I learned the seduction neighborhood.

I discovered this excellent ‘system’ that could just take me from preliminary introduction, all the way to sleeping with a woman and it had the overall roadmap prepared out…

It all started with negging girls. So I realized a number of traces, obtained out into the local bars and golf equipment, ridiculously thrilled about all the warm women I would quickly be bedding… and instantly proceeded to offend 50 % the ladies in city.

If this story seems acquainted to you, then you’re in the proper place.

Individually I never like any of the seduction community terms like ‘negging’ – they sound bizarre and nerdy, like some variety of Dungeons and Dragons sport or one thing.

I prefer the notion of banter – and that’s a place that will give you a good deal a lot more achievement with girls. The strategy of negging includes effectively offering a lady a backhanded compliment, this kind of as ‘nice nails, are they true?’

The girl then feels the have to have to qualify herself to you, thus putting you on the pedestal, and her attempting to impress you. Or so the idea goes.

The challenge with this is that there is a quite fantastic line concerning this, and merely insulting women. In reality, I spent 6 months of my lifestyle going out and insulting girls with out even realising it. It was only when they persistently kept going for walks away right after 10 minutes or so that I stopped and analysed actually what was genuinely going on.

This is how to right the dilemma:

1) Target on a back again and forth banter, instead than backhanded compliments

The idea is that you tease her flippantly, and she teases you again. There should be a back again and forth experience, exactly where you can both experience a pressure in the air, and that stress boosts the far more you banter.

This is simple flirting 101. You must equally be experiencing the interaction, and each laughing at each individual other’s witty banter. Look at this with merely going for walks up to her and remaining offensive.

2) When she commences asking you rapport type issues, reduce out the banter

This was an additional sticking stage for me for ages.

Issues is, obtaining a lady laughing is incredibly addictive, so you bust out the funny strains in excess of and around. She thinks ‘this dude is enjoyment, I want to know a lot more about him’, so she states ‘so where are you from?’

But you just answer with a banter line as an alternative of answering the dilemma. She tries again ‘what do you do?’ Yet again you react with a witty retort. Sooner or later she receives fed up and thinks ‘I are unable to hook up with this guy’ and leaves.

This is a major shame, simply because all you experienced to do was answer her thoughts usually at that position and have a easy discussion with her to present you are a normal dude.

So check out this simple 2 stage process and see how you get on!


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