Katherine Langford Is Apparently In Avengers 4 Twitter Cant Stop Making 13 Reasons Why Jokes


The internet has made many jokes about how ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was the biggest crossover ever and we all really didn’t know what was coming our way in the next one, ‘Avengers 4’. Who would’ve thought that we would live to see a ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ and ‘Avengers’ crossover?

Reportedly, Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker in the Netflix show is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has joined the cast of ‘Avengers 4’, with people now coming up with theories about what role she could be playing, because you know how Marvel fans are with all the fan theories. 

Katherine Langford Is Apparently In 'Avengers 4' & Twitter Can't Stop Making '13 Reasons Why' Jokes

The biggest contender out of all the theories is that she could be playing the role of Kate Bishop, who is an archer in the comics. The character is supposed to be similar to that of Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, actually in fact she’s his protégé.

With Marvel finally waking up and realizing the potential of female superheroes, it’s quite plausible that they would add more kick ass female characters and that could by why Katherine’s character could have been a last-minute addition. Moreover, with a solo Hawkeye movie in the works, it would make sense to introduce more characters related to him.

Katherine Langford Is Apparently In 'Avengers 4' & Twitter Can't Stop Making '13 Reasons Why' Jokes

It’s great to see Katherine widening her choice in roles after her hit show but, fortunately or unfortunately, she will always be Hannah Baker for everyone and as expected, ever since the news of her being a part of MCU came, so did all the jokes about ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’.

Almost everyone made this joke, obviously. 

Just the beginning.

What did I tell you!


They saw the opportunity and they took it!

He did.

That damn smile.


This is how it will go down. 

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what role she’s playing and Marvel, for the love of god, please release the trailer. 

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