Will Gender Segregation Resolve The Difficulties Highlighted By #MeToo?


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On 25th October, a extremely anxious group of 4-5 male pupils determined to host a discussion on how to tackle the #MeToo ‘issue’. You would hope talks on gender sensitisation in this sort of a dialogue, but these pupils had a far better strategy. In accordance to them, gender segregation and not gender sensitisation is the have to have of the hour. Speaking about the root ‘causes’ of abuse, Ejaz Ahmad, a legislation scholar from Jamia Millia Islamia said, “We truly want to get to the root of this dilemma which is the commodification of women. Why do we will need ladies to dance in IPL grounds during cricket matches? Why do we want girls in deodorant adverts? The response is very simple, to market it. The status of women of all ages in a capitalistic setting is flawed to get started with. Islam fights this extremely thought.”

Conversing about the issue in determining the ‘limits’ in sexual trade, he stated the best way is to take the boundaries established by god to keep away from this kind of instances, hinting at gender segregation. The discussion was organised by a group of male learners in Jamia Millia Islamia. In about an hour prolonged dialogue, the word ‘consent’ remarkably (Or unsurprisingly, for it was organised exclusively by men) identified no mention.

The system, termed Hayya Sensitization was in the beginning only meant for men, but after obtaining huge backlash on social media, the organisers decided to also ‘allow’ gals in the discussion. Arshad Warsi, a university student of MBA in JMI and one particular of the organisers explained, “It’s not that we required to have only a dialogue with adult men on the make a difference. In truth, we had prepared a individual discussion for ladies on this challenge as properly, given that we imagine in the notion of segregation. But because of to the pressure and damaging response we acquired, we experienced to give in and we resolved not just to have a frequent dialogue for all but also to invite a woman to converse.” Maryam Zehra, the (only) female who spoke in the discussion, claimed that she experienced appear as audience but was spontaneously invited to discuss on the spot owing to the tension they faced.

right after acquiring immense backlash on social media, the organisers made a decision to also ‘allow’ females in the discussion.

The plan was even now attended primarily by gentlemen, and was hosted wholly by gentlemen. Just one of the organisers of the program stated, “It’s very significant to discuss about social and political difficulties in educational spaces this kind of as ours. But when we posted concerning this about the website, folks tried using making a controversy out of it due to the fact the similar liberals who declare to think in freedom of speech and tolerance drop their minds when one thing with an Islamic point of perspective is stated.”

Arshad Warsi, tracing the journey of the #MeToo motion stated, “As we all know it began in Hollywood and has just now arrived at Bollywood and the relaxation of the media. The exact media which has been focusing on Islam for being backward in women’s connected challenges is now becoming exposed. Why is it that now all these abusers are coming from the most ‘empowering’ of fields – media, film marketplace and so on, the industries that are evidently filled with women’s rights advocates?” Although this is a legitimate argument and some thing value pondering about, it is nevertheless unacceptable to doubt the legitimacy of a movement for the easy reason that it originated in the West.

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Mariam Zahra, who was randomly invited to discuss from the viewers owing to the enormous strain that the organisers faced for organising a dialogue on #MeToo without a female speaker claimed, “It is accurate that Islam as a religion does not commodify girls, but I also know countless women of all ages who have been abused irrespective of their hijab, So to say that segregation will solve problems is akin to saying that Hijab will solve challenges. We all know that is not genuine.”

Instantly just after, she provided her have model of a spiritual alternative to this, “To all brothers and sisters sitting listed here I say, believe of God as a CCTV camera so you do not commit crimes for the anxiety of accountability which has completely escaped the #MeToo motion despite all the very good things it has done…”

Proposed Answers

Infidelity, communism, feminism – immediately after speaking about anything but #MeToo the group at last moved on to recommend methods of keeping away from the ‘problem’ of #MeToo. First of all, in accordance to the enlightened group, individuals need to inculcate ‘Taqva’ (fear of god) in them and next, we must all comply with the boundaries established by most religions which is, sure, gender segregation.

Arshad, speaking about this reported, “Hayya (Shame) and Purdah (Hijab) are not gender unique, it is for the two boys and girls. And the very best way to stay away from not breaking these guidelines is to only keep away from mingling with the other gender.”

Local community Certain Alternatives To An International Situation Are Basically Futile

Exhibiting contempt for the ‘so identified as Islamic’ steps that this function had recommended, Alfia, a university student of Islamic Experiments in Jamia Millia Islamia mentioned, “#MeToo as a movement is absolutely legitimised by the religion that I stick to due to the fact it teaches me to elevate my voice from injustice being carried out to me. I consider it offers me, and a lot of other ladies enormous power and electricity to know that my religion advocates for boosting my voice if I have expert any injustice.”

to say that segregation will fix challenges is akin to declaring that Hijab will address concerns. We all know that isn’t legitimate.

In these a time to counsel gender segregation is audacious and self-defeating – that far too in college spaces that aim to give great training and natural environment to pupils conducive to essential pondering major to progressive steps. The example is their very own software which they couldn’t conduct in a segregated format as planned because it backfired. These gatherings more the problematic ideas that do practically nothing but include to the issue.

Does Gender Segregation Genuinely Resolve Difficulties?

To say that gender segregation will imply there are no cases of gender based mostly violence against women is to say that any exchange between a gentleman and a woman is inherently only sexual and nothing else. This even more demonises the conversation concerning the two and also indicates that gentlemen are inherently abusive and that they will abuse if place in with ladies, which is, or at minimum I hope is, a gross generalisation.

Adil Hussain, a college student of MBA and section of the viewers mentioned, “It’s a pity that the #MeToo movement opened up the oppression of females with out genuinely supplying for a alternative. Just making one thing viral does not indicate it will get addressed. Now we right here are truly hoping to uncover answers by the lens of religion and culture alternatively of just talking about the problems…

Now, aside from getting particularly regressive and just about not possible to realize in a democracy, both these remedies that they have really graciously introduced us with are also centered on a single assumption – that men and women are effectively spiritual, which really is not the circumstance.

Tanya Tehsin, a female sitting in the viewers claimed, “I’m a religious lady but I can say for guaranteed that regardless of what they are saying is wholly futile and ineffective for the reason that god’s concern, even in religious folks, can not be forcefully instilled.” Not just that, it can certainly not act like a resolution to say that one particular should not hurt or abuse other people today only due to the fact god will be viewing them. This is merely to say that the issue is so deeply rooted that only surveillance can help address it and absolutely nothing to adjust people’s mindset should be performed. To threaten punishment devoid of attempting to carry improve by dialogue and discussion will, even if it works, in the long run be a temporary answer.

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A prolonged time period alternative would be the exact opposite of the two proposed in this article – gender sensitisation, not segregation so that the strategy of exchange in between various genders is normalised alternatively of getting stigmatised further more. Next, it is important to recognize that girls are creatures that are entitled to to guide a usual lifetime with out frequent dread and adult males are also not effectively abusers who have to be set under scanner for all their steps to prevent abuse.

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